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Welcome to DFPlush.com  !

DF Plush is a plush toy design and development company specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom and private label plush toys. We are experts in taking your plush toy idea from the drawing board to reality.  dfplush.com

Our passion is using our hard earned knowledge and expertise in working with our customers to bring their plush ideas to life.   As owners of plush toy manufacturing facilities for over 20 years, we have real, hands-on design and manufacturing know-how and are eminently qualified to work with you in comprehensively developing any plush toy idea that you may have, no matter how challenging it may be. (dfplush.com)

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your entire plush toy project or whether you want help in any of the various stages of plush toy development - concept, design, prototype stages, manufacturing and delivery stage, we can handle whatever are your needs.

Our full range of expertise allows our customers to develop their plush toy ideas through us in a timely and cost effective manner, with a minimum of inconvenience, and ensuring a quality finished product. We enjoy the challenges asked of us - and there have been many over the years!

All our designed and manufactured products conform to International Toy Safety Law and can  meet European stands EN71 & US standards ASTM963.

We hope you enjoy our website and viewing all our years of plush toy creations. And we hope we will have a chance to work with you on your plush toy idea!

We look forward to bringing your plush toy ideas to life®.



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